Nike Air Max 360 Singapore Launch

By - January 24th, 2006

The Nike Air Max 360 was launched worldwide on January 21st. Nike held a launch party for various groups of guests including Sneakerheads, celebrities, athletes and the media throughout the week beginning January 6th till January 14th at 65 Kim Yam Road in Singapore. The venue used to be an old shophouse but was recently converted into a home. The 3-level home was converted into an Air Max 360 museum. The first level showcased Air Max shoes through the years which were made up of age-old collections from AirMax lovers. These were displayed in old TV sets. DJ KoFlow did his fair share of spinning on a couple of nights. On the second level of the shophouse, airbags (the same used in the Air Max shoes) were used as carpets. These allowed guests to experience the revolutionary air cushioning in Air Max 360.

> Nike Air Max 360 Singapore Launch in the Freshness Gallery