Alakazam Show @ Colette

By - January 30th, 2006

Alakazam Show @ Colette

“Alakazam show”
by Will Sweeney & Susumu Mukai
London-based Will Sweeney and Japanese artist Susumu Mukai uncover their surreal universe of illustration for all to appreciate at colette.

Blending the borderlines of graphic design, musical production, toy design and streetwear, together they prove that inspiration comes in assorted forms throughout their creations which often draw inspiration from uncanny mythological references, resulting in an imaginative take on the world of contemporary art today.

Get set for the exclusive preview of artist Will Sweeney’s new toy which is scheduled to take place at Colette in Paris TONIGHT! co-inciding with the “Alakazam” exhibition opening on January 30th.

213 Rue St.-Honoré, Paris, France

Will Sweeney
An artist behind the legendary “Tales from Greenfuzz” illustrations featuring his trademark character “Helmut the Hot-Dog.” His designs for Silas and Dazed is often referenced as the stuff magic is made of.

Alakazam Show @ Colette Alakazam Show @ Colette

Susumu Mukai
Is the leader of the group Zongamin, the electro sensation distributed by the label XL recordings. He is recognised for his record sleeve and CD covers and assorted artworks for Silas and assorted English press.

Alakazam Show @ Colette Alakazam Show @ Colette Alakazam Show @ Colette

Books, toys, t-shirts, posters and albums available at colette.
ALAKAZAM exhibition exploring the world of graphic design and music via: artists Will Sweeney and Susumu Mukai aka Zongamin from January 30th – February 25th, 2006.