PUMA x Evisu

By - February 9th, 2006

evisupumabanner PUMA x Evisu

We earlier updated about the PUMA x Evisu party that is going to be held on February 13th. However, there were no photos of the products. From the previous collaboration only denim was produced, but this time there’s going to be a t-shirt, and the packing of the products will feature logos from both companies.

See below for more pictures of the product collaboration between PUMA and Evisu.


evisupuma1 PUMA x Evisu

evisupuma2 PUMA x Evisu

evisupuma3 PUMA x Evisu

evisupuma4 PUMA x Evisu


evisupumadetail1 PUMA x Evisu

evisupumadetail2 PUMA x Evisu