By - March 15th, 2006

taiwan visuall sm VISUALL Taiwan

Devilock and Motorola presents VISUALL

(supported by allareapass)

Visuall exhibition in Taiwan, featuring artists like FUTURA, Stash, KAWS, Kostas, Russ, Pushhead, WK Interact, Jakuan, Eric So and the renowned 7 STARS. An exhibition related to Japan’s famous label, Devilock. The artists will create works correspond to seven themes, which will be solely for this exhibition. The show started Vancouver @ LIVESTOCK, Hong Kong @ JUICE, Tokyo @ BAPE GALLERY and now Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei Cinema Park
No.19, Kangding Rd., Wanhua District,
Taipei City , Taiwan

Exhibition Date: March 25th – April 25th


Freshness’ past coverage on the VISUALL exhibition in Hong Kong:

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