By - April 2nd, 2006

hifana taiwan sm HIFANA Taiwan

This past weekend HIFANA stopped by Taipei, Taiwan, presented by OISHI @ Velvet Underground.

> HIFANA in Taiwan in The Freshness Gallery


“Break beat unit by KEIZOmachine! and Juicy. On the live set we use absolutely no programming or sequencing but cut beats on a sampler pad in real time adding elements as scratching and percussion. On the other hand the pieces on the CDs and vinyl use heavy programming and sequencing to create the original HIFANA sound.”

> Article on HIFANA


About Oishi!:

“Oishi! is probably the most frequently heard phrase in Japanese – “Yummy,” or “Delicious”. The word coming out from a cute Japanese girl’s lip is just so irresistible.

After watching “The Iron Chef”, and “Dochi No Ryouri Show” intensively over those years. We figured that food and music got a lot in common. We are always hungry for great music, and always digging for new fresh flavors.

Two years ago, we started out as a magazine dedicated to music and vinyl culture, now with our new team members, we are expanding our scope into art, design photography, products, charismatic people, anything that we thought was delicious. They are all irreplaceable soul food for us. We want to keep on bringing the freshest, the most delicious plates to your table every day.”