Nike SB “SNT” Barcelona – Prelaunch party

By - May 7th, 2006

Nike SB SNT Barcelona   Prelaunch party

“Nike SB and the infamous SNT Crew from Barcelona joined forces for the prelaunch of the Team Edition “Sants” shoe thursday the 4th at night.The place, Belly Club, downtown Barcelona, a nice and classy club that was closed to the general public until 12 am. A lot of locals and people that had been dissapeared for years gathered again to feel the Sants feeling again. Even Almudena Cid, Olympic gymnast was there to check the party out. She freaked out on how a local skateboarders party can get.

There were pictures of the crew in the first corridor and man, we had fun with some big posters that were printed for the event… There was the screening of a DVD about Sants with footage from 1995 to
2006 with interviews with locals and some info about the spot. Everyone from Barcelona Sants was there.

It was a night to remember, specially when the crew started to scream the famous “Ueh! Ueh! Ueh!” that most of the people that has visited Barcelona and kicked with the locals knows about. The shoe was going to launch in Spain the day after, friday the 5th. Nike SB Spain did a special Tshirt to conmemorate the event with the silver SNT star that less than 10 locals have. That star was done like 7-8 years ago and is a symbol of the plaza and its locals. In the back of the tee you can read “Barcelona skateboarding 4 ever” with the Nike SB logo on it.

A night to remember…”


Nike SB SNT Barcelona   Prelaunch party