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By - May 21st, 2006

UNIQLO T Shirt   Colette | Staple Design | Lodown

The last time Freshness mentioned the Japanese retailer UNIQLO was December 2005, when it opened a temporary flagshop store in SoHo (which still exist due to popular demand). To kick off its 2006 t-shirt line, UNIQLO invited 3 well known brands to be headliners: Colette, Staple Design, and Lodown Magazine. Like everything else in UNIQLO, the t-shirts are reasonably priced and well made. Unfortunately, this limited edition line is only available in Japan. However, the rest of the t-shirt line is available in UNIQLO stores worldwide.

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UNIQLO T Shirt   Colette | Staple Design | Lodown
UNIQLO x Colette

UNIQLO x Staple Design

UNIQLO x Lodown Magazine