Freshness Feature: UNDERCOVER Taipei

By - July 25th, 2006

Freshness Feature: UNDERCOVER Taipei

At 5 foot 3 inches, Jun Takahashi is a man with a small physical stature. But, he’s a man with a grand concept. After all, he is the founder and designer of one of the most talked about fashion brand to come out of Japan in recent years – UNDERCOVER.

A former DJ and lead singer of a punk band, Jun Takahashi started UNDERCOVER as a small shop in the alleyway of Harajuku more than 10 years ago. Today, he has more than 30 stores spread through out Japan. This year, he opened stores outside of Japan for the first time, in Taipei and Hong Kong.

Opened on the first week of June, the Taipei store generated a lot fanfare for the brand in Taiwan. Customers no long have to travel to Tokyo to buy goods from UNDERCOVER. Recently, Freshness had the chance to see more of the store, inside and out, during its afterhour.

No. 40, Lane 181, Sec. 4, Jhongsiao E. Rd.
Taipei, Taiwan
TEL #: +886-2-2775-3669

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Freshness Feature: UNDERCOVER Taipei

Located on the quiet back street of the trendy Da-An district of Taipei City, the store is on the same block as BAPE’s Busy Work Shop and the newly opened BAPY. A cobble stone-like brick work covered the majority of the exterior; make it difficult to see into the store. Similar concept can be found in the Aoyama flagship in Tokyo, where neatly folded clothes are stacked 2 floors high to obscure the interior view of the store to those outside. Hence, the brand’s name UNDERCOVER.

Filled with mismatched wooden flooring, aged furnishings and what looked to be salvaged building materials. The store give a dishevel appearance. Of course, the appearance is intentional, to set a shopping experience similar to the deconstructed, asymmetrical style UNDERCOVER is famous for.

Taiwan is well known for its light fare cuisine and drinks in its region of Asia. To incorporate those local attractions, UNDERCOVER created a café within the store to serve those famous fares. One thing worth noting is the original cocktails selection. Created with assistance from barcode, a trend setting lounge in Taipei, each of the original cocktails drew its name as well as the idea of its creation from UNDERCOVER past collection.

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