PUMA Table Tennis Tournament

By - July 27th, 2006

puma t3 sm

The past Saturday marked the inaugural game of first ever PUMA Table Tennis Tournament (PT3) here in NYC. 16 teams joined: VICE Magazine, Triple Crown, Comedy Central, Spike TV, RUDE, LTD Magazine, FADER, Turntable Lab, VanillaMania, Staple Design, APT, THEME Magazine, Cut+Paste, PSYOP, Purist, Giant Step.

Fueled with free GLACEAU Vitamin Water and Tiger Beer, the teams battled each other for the title, free pairs of PUMA TT Super sneakers, and pride. Things got especially heated in the semi-final round, when a Team APT member dove across the room for a save, and ripped his pants in the process. Who knew ping-pong can be so intense?

After a grueling 8 hours, Team RUDE came out on top and took home the first ever championship.

You can check out the action live this coming Saturday, July 29th, at NYTTF, as singles competition kicks off. The winner this time takes home a PUMA x biomega mountain bike.

*NOTE* You can also check out additional photos here by our friend Jay Lewis

puma t3 001

puma t3 002
Jeff Staple

puma t3 003

puma t3 004
Team VICE Magazine

puma t3 005
Team VICE Magazine

puma t3 006
Team Comedy Central

puma t3 007
Team Staple Design

puma t3 008
Team Giant Step
puma t3 009
Team APT

puma t3 010
Team THEME Magazine
puma t3 011

puma t3 012
Aftermath of An Attempted Save

puma t3 013
Supporters Cheering On