The Hungry HIPPOE Project: $tay Hungry!

By - August 16th, 2006

The Hungry HIPPOE Project: $tay Hungry!

This is a brand new project started by HippoEsthetics to reach the masses with 5 limited design tee’s for $5 dollars a piece that will only be available for 5 weeks!

It’s an experiment to utilze MySpace to its true potential by getting a dope product out to the community for a very, very low price through networking with the millions of people connected to MySpace. The plan is see how much money we can make using only MySpace to market and sell our product.

Our plan of action is this:

  • We will dedicate mass amounts of time each day sending out a minimum of 500 personal messages, 500 bulletins, and add 500 people.
  • We will blog the results of the Hungry HIPPOE Project at the end of every week stating how much money has been made, how much our network has grown, and how people feel about it.

This project will be released on August 31st!

> The Hungry Hippoe Project

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The Hungry HIPPOE Project: $tay Hungry!