Nike Air You Breathe by Drury, Yokoyama, + Lyons

By - August 23rd, 2006

The Nike Air You Breathe is a Tier 0 artist collaboration with designers Ben Drury, Kevin Lyons and Hitomi Yokoyama. This amazing “Air” collaboration is spearheaded by Nike CEO Mark Parker as a follow-up to the “Air Celebrations” this past Spring. Each designer was asked to design a t-shirt, a Windrunner jacket and a pair of Air shoes. This is the first time in an artist collaboration where the designer is asked to design a full outfit. (Thanks to SOLEBOX for the product images, additional images are from the Nike Spring/Summer 06 Preview)

See below for more details about each artist, their creations and their ideas.

Nike + Ben Drury
Ben Drury is a freelance art designer based in London. As art director for the James Lavelle’s infamous Mowax Recordings, he oversaw the design of sleeves, toys and a ton of other stuff. With 140 releases in 8 years, he is best known for album sleeves such as DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing and Unkle’s Psyence Fiction, as well as a collaboration with the artist FUTURA 2000 on his eponymous book. He still designs sleeves, tee-shirts, books and adverts, for himself and other people.

Like most of my personal work, this design is inspired by the pirate radio scene in London. The shouts are instantly recognizable to the pirate aficionado. “Hold Tight!”barked out as if on a fairground ride, instruct and assure the silent listeners and live callers, who soak up London’s unique listening experience. “Calling out to all points, north, south, east, west, (my four favorite places) – the signal is strong, quality assurance filters through the airwaves, into the consciousness of the capital: Hold Tight – ON AIR.”

Nike + Hitomi Yokoyama
Moved to the UK from Japan in 1992 and started working for Gimme 5 in 1995, designing for both Gimme 5 and Goodenough UK.
Specializes in all over prints, has collaborated with brands such as Undercover, Mad Hectic, Let it Ride, aNYthing, and A Bathing Ape (BAPE) .

The idea behind my design is that NIKE -AIR are so light that it feels as if you are running barefoot. I was thinking of some agile, bouncing animal like a cat or a rabbit.

Nike + Kevin Lyons
Kevin Lyons is an artist slash designer slash art director slash father slash marathoner slash slash slash living in Philadelphia. Clients and collaborators both past and present include SSUR, Nike, Jordan Brand, Girl Skateboards, Commonwealth Stacks, HUF, Stussy and Stussy Japan, Adidas basketball, Tokion Magazine, 2k, BEAMS, and his own experimental arm, Natural Born.

Joy Division cover art meets Filmore poster art meets Kool Herc flyer art.
When I thought of graphically illustrating AIR, all three of these raced through my mind. I just took a bite out of all of them and spit out this.