Uno Caol Showten – 5th Anniversary Party

By - September 20th, 2006

Uno Caol Showten   5th Anniversary Party

Mixed martial artist Caol Uno (宇野薰) celebrated the 5th anniversary of his clothing line, UCS, the past Sunday, September 18th. The event saw the the release of a limited Stussy x UCS collaborative t-shirt at the lounge subzero in Yokohama, Japan.

The photo printed on the t-shirt is a victorious scene from UFC 32 on June 29th 2001, with Caol climbed up on the octagon enclosure, cheered on by the crowds as he scored his first win in UFC by a knock-out!


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Caol Uno (宇野薰), aka “Prince oF MMA”, is currently known as MMA’s top light-weight contender within the Wa-Jutsu Keishukai community. A veteran of SHOOTO (former world welter- weight champion), UFC, HERO’S (2005 welter-weight semi-finalist) . Aside From his MMA career, he is also known as a trendsetter in the Japanese street fashion culture, running 2 shops, UCS and HAM, as well as 2 apparel labels, UCS and SULIO.

Uno Caol Showten   5th Anniversary Party

Caol Uno (宇野薰) – UCS

Caol Uno (宇野薰) – UCS

Tomoyuki Tanaka aka FPM –

Ani – Scha-Dara-Parr

Okishima-san – Stussy Japan