Ning Si Bu Qu – MC Yan’s Newest Project

By - October 4th, 2006

Ning Si Bu Qu   MC Yans Newest Project

Ning Si Bu Qu, is Chinese phrase for “Rather Die Than Surrender”. NSBQ is MC Yan’s newest project and features many products that are influenced by “certain” military uniforms. Many of you know MC Yan as one of Hong Kong’s top street-culture artists, as well as the designer of the CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 “Kiss of Death” released early this year.

This new line of accessories by MC Yan are carefully crafted and each are individually numbered. The line of accessories range from eyewear, model guns, bracelets, and a arm sling for an AK-47. Go and check out his website and as always, you can purchase all the items online. Also, you can check them out in person at Reed Space.

> Ning Si Bu Qu

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Ning Si Bu Qu   MC Yans Newest Project
AK-47 Rifle Sling

Bracelet Detail


Eyewear – White

Eyewear – Green

Eyewear – Clear