Yasuhito Udagawa – The Time Walker @ KAZE GALLERY

By - October 15th, 2006

KAZE GALLERY Presents: Yasuhito Udagawa – The Time Walker

Artist and master model builder Yasuhito Udagawa, commonly known as “Shovel Head”, will have a solo exhibition, at Tokyo’s KAZE GALLERY, starting October 17th, Tuesday.

Some 50 works from “a world of Mechanical Mutants, and concepts of how they evolve and born as a mutant”. For those who are not familiar with Udagawa’s works, you can re-visit our link on Nike White Dunk exhibition and read an exclusive interview with this exceptional artist.

Dai-ichi Tamura Building 2Fl.
1-4-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, Japan
TEL #: +81-303563-6066

Event Date: October 17th – November 5th | 1 pm – 7 pm