SWAGGER x Trilly+Truly – “Big-O IgLu” -

By - December 1st, 2006

The latest news from SWAGGER‘s Big-O and Iggy will be collaborating with Lupe Fiasco‘s apparel brand Trilly&Truly producing 5 limited items for the coming winter(Fuyu in Japanese, which is printed on the Crew-neck, JKT, Scarf, and knitted glove). Here is the sneek peak of the Crew-Neck Sweat and the Trapper hat. This exclusive item along with the other 3 items will be sold in SWAGGER stores in Japan, St.Alfred and Goods. Each item will have a secret tip on making “D.I.Y” snowball,snowman etc…


> Lupe Fiasco

Photos after the jump,

SWAGGER x Trillt&Truly – Crew-Neck Sweat – 16,590yen(Front)

SWAGGER x Trilly&Truly – Crew-Neck Sweat – 16,590yen(Back)

SWAGGER x Trilly&Truly – Trapper Hat – 17,640yen

SWAGGER x Trilly&Truly – Trapper Hat – 17,640yen