Air Force 1 25th Anniversary – The Shoes!!

By - December 11th, 2006

Twenty Five years, 1040 Air Force 1s, one-night-only! It was tough, I knew I wouldn’t have enough battery life to last me through all the AF1s from the past 2 years. I also knew my trigger finger would hurt at some point. I did my best!

Here are the results…

Laser Air Force 1 Prototype – I kick myself to this day for not purchasing the first edition Laser Air Force 1s. I was hoping this would win the best Air Force 1 ever so I can get a pair finally. But big ups to Stash on the win… more on this soon.

2007 Sample?? LOVE THE PERF!!!!!!!!!!!

2007 Sample??

Weiden+Kenndey AF1

2007 Sample??

Polka Dot Series II Air Force 1 – Spring 2007

2007 Tier 0 Series 1 Air Force 1 – Early 2007

Ueno Seamless Air Force 1 – HOTTEST Seamless ever!

Turtle Air Force 1

2007 Fragment Sample – Also in Green! MUST-COP-AF1 for 2007


WTF! Pretty nice in person tho.

SUPER LUX Air Force 1 – Alist Influencers only. What better day to wear a $5000 AF1

Hawaii Mike 1/1 Innovation Kitchen AF1s

Thats “H” “Mike!”

What NAS was rocking…

Air Force 25 Sample

Air Force 25 Sample

Air Force 25 Sample

Air Force 25 Sample – HOTT