Art Basel 06 Miami: Human Nature Event Pics

By - December 12th, 2006

Columbian artist, Federico Uribe, created a 4000 sq ft exhibit entitled “Human Nature”, which was made entirely out of 750 pairs of PUMA shoes and thousands of laces. Federico Uribe created the installation showcasing life-sized predatory animals in their natural forest environment and showcased the exhibit during Art Basel Miami Beach. PUMA donated the products to Federico Uribe over a course of six months, while he created the concept and design of the exhibit. The artist is known for his transformation of everyday objects into art.

Wow! the animals made out of PUMAs looks amazing! What great art shoes can be made out of. They look very lively and I had to double take to see which parts of the shoes were used, well except for the tree haha!


> Federico Uribe

Peep some of the animals in the forest after the jump…