Freshness Feature: adidas ZX Family – Archive

By - December 21st, 2006

Freshness Feature: adidas ZX Family   Archive
ZX 510

In 1984, there were a number of key technological breakthroughs that changed the world. In the year that saw the launch of the first Apple Macintosh computer, the first CD-ROM and the laser printer, the climate was distinctly scientific. As part of this era, adidas began a program that would run for over five years and live on until the present day, the ZX series – a collection of running shoes designed for runners of all types and abilities.

Over 20 years after their inception, some of the most beloved models from the range are returning in four distinct packs. Each pack has been executed with a simple application concept that has guided the designs: Weave, Animal, Camo and Patent. The sixteen shoes that make up the ZX Family pay homage to the original models while, through their treatments, bringing a distinctive new look to these much-loved shoes.

For the ZX Family the four most beloved models from the hundred series have been recreated with a twist. Four unique packs have been created with different applications that pay tribute to and create a whole new perspective for the ZX family: Weave, Animal, Camo and Patent.

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The ZX concept was created by a motivation and desire from adidas to create a collection of range shoes that would collectively cover all runners’ needs: from all-terrain to road runners, from joggers to competitive long distance runners, they would all be able to find their footwear solution in the ZX collection.

Each model was carefully adapted and designed, featuring subtle differences and nuances which would suit the shoe more to a specific type of runner. With a little less padding in one area, and a little more cushioning in another, a shoe could take on a new function and suitability.

Developers at adidas’ Scheinfeld factory in Bavaria showed such dedication to producing a comprehensive range of running models that the range is a vast and rich collection that is now looked back on with great fondness. What initially began as the ‘00s (hundreds) series in ’84 would extend to the ‘000s (thousands) collection after the 1988 Olympics. This fruitful period also brought about a number of breakthrough devices in sports and running footwear such as Torsion™ and Soft Cell technologies. It was inventions such as these that attracted so many fans in the first place, fans who still consider these design classics.

Such was and is the popularity of the ZX collection that these models are often regarded as defining the archetypal training shoe silhouette.

Archive Models

Freshness Feature: adidas ZX Family   Archive
1988 | ZX 220
– Combination Suede / Nylon Upper.
– Tongue and Lacestays made from top quality Suede
– Leather reinforcements
– Tri-Density EVA
– Compact and resistant hard rubber Outsole
– Technical runner for long distance road running

1985 | ZX 250
– Lightweight Nylon with Suede reinforcements
– Dual-Density EVA
– Compact rubber Outsole with piston plugs
– Vario lacing
– Extremely comfortable, hardwearing shoe for the committed runner

1986 | ZX 280
– Board lasted for greater stability
– Metallic Nylon Uppers with Suede Velour reinforcements
– Vario lacing
– Dual-Density Microcellular EVA
– Compact rubber with stud and block profile for shock absorption
– Hard wearing training shoe

1988 | ZX 310
– Curve last shoe
– Suede combined with Nylon mesh and Polypag foam
– Tongue and Lacestays made from top quality Suede
– Anatomical, Soft Protect cut
– Synthetic Velour reinforcements
– Stabilizing Heel Counter
– Dual-Density, Microcellular PU
– Compact and resistant hard rubber Outsole
– Lightweight runner for road training

1988 | ZX 312
– Suede and Nylon mesh
– Rubbed textile sock liner
– Lateral reinforcement to Lacestays.
– Microcellular, EVA Midsole
– Compact Rubber Outsole
– Comfortable and lightweight womens running model

1986 | ZX 380
– Combination lasted
– Derby Cut
– Aerated Nylon with Suede Velour reinforcements
– Vario lacing system
– EVA with Dellinger Web for improved shock absorption
– Expanded rubber Outsole
– Removable innersole with arch support
– Lightweight running shoe specially recommended for road racing

1988 | ZX 420
– Suede and Nylon combination with Aerated Nylon inserts
– Rubbed textile sock liner
– Anatomical, Soft Protect cut
– Synthetic Velour reinforcements
– Stabilizing Heel Counter
– Polyurethane sole with stabilizing blocks
– Compact Rubber Outsole
– Hard wearing training shoe for long distances

1987 | ZX 452
– Suede and aerated Nylon mesh
– Quality Suede Lacestay with Ghilly parts
– Rear and lateral reinforcements
– EVA with Dellinger web covering for shock dispersion
– Dual-Density, compact rubber Outsole
– Feminine shoe designed for competition, recommended for road racing

1984 | ZX 500
– Nylon mesh with Suede reinforcements
– Padded foam collar
– Ghilly Lacing
– Preformed removable insole for extra comfort and fit
– Dual-Density EVA combination with extended Heel Counter and heel motion control device
– Individually encased pressure absorbing nipple profile rubber stud
– A superb shoe for high mileage training

1987 | ZX 510
– Combination Suede and Nylon mesh Upper with foam Polypag
– Synthetic Suede reinforcements
– Stabilizing Heel Counter
– Dual-Density, Microcellular PU
– Bi-coloured hard rubber in impact zones
– Super-comfortable training shoe for light running

1987 | ZX 530L
– Suede and Nylon combined with a polyester mesh and synthetic Velour
– Flexible cut
– Orthopaedic Soft Protect heel tab
– Ghilly parts for comfort of the foot and ankle
– Stabilizing Heel Counter rear of the shoe
– Dual-Density Microcellular Midsole and bevel
– All-terrain, compact rubber Outsole in two colours
– Responsive training model for runners with rigid, arched feet or supinating feet

1986 | ZX 550
– Combination of metallic polyester mesh and Nylon with synthetic
– Suede reinforcements
– Vario and Ghilly lacing
– The pre-moulded internal Heel Counter is extended towards the arch for better support
– Dual-Density ‘adilite’ EVA with “Adirail” system to provide extra support and stability
– Removable insole
– Rubber Outsole reinforced at areas of impact
– Lightweight running shoe recommended for competition and training

1985 | ZX 600
– Fine Nylon rear and mesh Nylon forefoot with Suede reinforcements
– Double Lacing System
– Combination lasted
– Lightweight polyurethane with EVA
– Thermo plastic Heel Counter, stable external support for rear foot control
– Preformed, removable insole
– 2 different durometers of rubber – expanded for lightness and shock absorption, reinforced in critical strike zones
– Extremely comfortable training shoe for the serious runner

1985 | ZX 700
– Combination lasted
– Aerated metallic polyester mesh in the forefoot
– Fine Polypag foam and Nylon in the rear for lightness, comfort and ventilation
– Reflective inserts on heel and toe
– Synthetic Suede reinforcements
– Ghilly and traditional lacing systems combined
– Polyurethane and EVA combination
– Incorporates a biomechanical concept which reduces the risk of over pronation/supination
– Removable insole
– Compact rubber with unique wave profile giving good traction and shock absorption
– Designed for high mileage training

1987 | ZX 710
– Curve lasted
– Lightweight and breathable leather and mesh combination Upper
– Synthetic Velour lateral reinforcements
– Flexible cut
– Quilted, Polypag Tongue
– Orthopaedic Soft Protect
– PU stabilizing Heel Counter
– Dual-Density
– Dellinger Web
– Hard-wearing, durable rubber Outsole
– Top of the range shoe, suitable for both competition and training

1986 | ZX 800
– Breathable metallic polyester mesh in the forepart and a fine metallic Nylon in the rear
– Synthetic Suede reinforcements with reflective patches in toe area for night running
– Padded Tongue
– Ghilly and Vario lacing with Derby cut allows adjustment for a good fit
– Slip lasted for flexibility
– Performed removable inlay sole supports the foot
– Lightweight resilient polyurethane
– Encapsulated stabilizing pieces for longitudinal and transversal stability
– Reinforced in critical strike zones
– Quality running shoe for training and competition

1987 | ZX 802
– Suede and aerated Nylon mesh combination and Nylon and foam inserts
– Derby cut
– Suede overlay reinforcements on the lace stay
– Lateral reinforcements
– EVA Midsole
– Dellinger Web for shock dispersion
– Tri-coloured, Dual-Density rubber
– Top Women’s shoe, particularly recommended for road racing and competitions

1988 | ZX 930
– Flexible and light moccasin construction
– Lightweight and breathable Nylon and Suede combination Upper
– Synthetic Suede lateral reinforcements
– Forefoot flex cut to ensure a better foot sequence
– Quilted Nylon foam Polypag tongue to protect the ankle and Achilles from impact
– Orthopaedic cut for a better release around the Achilles
– Dual-Density, bi-coloured polyurethane that offers great stability and shock absorption
– Supple polyurethane insert for shock absorption
– Bend-allowing grooves to help the sequence of the shoe
– All terrain, Tri-coloured sole
– The black areas, which suffer the most impact, are made from a more resistant rubber
– Training shoe for all terrain

1989 | ZX 4000
– Perforated Suede and Nylon foam Polypag mesh
– Ghilly lace parts
– Embedded Heel Counter
– Dual-Density polyurethane
– Kevlar Torsion™ bar
– Soft Cell technology
– Bi-coloured hard rubber
– Impact Zone
– Hard wearing shoe suitable for both training and competition

1988 | ZX 5000
– Synthetic Suede mesh with foam Polypag.
– Removable Torsion inlay sole
– Direct inject Midsole
– Kevlar Torsion system
– Rotation Zone
– Simple and cushioning model

1989 | ZX 6000
– Breathable Nylon Mesh and synthetic Suede
– Suede reinforcements
– Comfortable and flexible cut
– Dual-Density Purolite
– Stabilizing Heel Counter
– Rotation Zone
– F1 Monza rubber Outsole
– Lightweight runner for middle distance training

1989 | ZX 8000
– Synthetic Suede / Nylon mesh foam Polypag.
– Removable Torsion inlay sole
– Purolite Midsole
– Monza F1 Outsole
– Torsion™ system
– Top-level cushioning in this lightweight running model

1989 | ZX 9000
– Synthetic Suede / Nylon mesh foam Polypag.
– Removable Torsion sockliner
– Purolite Midsole
– Monza F1 Outsole
– Torsion™ system
– Running shoe that provides great control