Freshness Feature: Adidas ZX Family – Weave Pack

By - December 21st, 2006

zx600 weave
ZX 600 Weave

This pack takes a rugged approach to the upper materials, using a durable and functional weave in place of the original fabrics seen on these models, whilst paying homage to the original shoes in the colourways.

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ZX 600 Weave
Quantity: 3,000
Released: 1/01/07
The ZX 600 was originally released in 1985, beginning its life as an excellent shoe perfect for training. The outsole features two different durometers of rubber, designed with reinforcements in the critical foot strike areas. The original upper of nylon and mesh has been replaced with a weave-style fabric, adding durability and style to the shoe.

zx600 weave 03

zx600 weave 05

zx600 weave 09

ZX 500 Weave
Quantity: 10,000
Released: 1/01/07
The ZX 500 was originally released in 1984, entering the market as an excellent shoe perfect for high mileage running. The combination midsole features an extended heel counter to give the wearer more stability. The original upper was constructed of nylon mesh with suede reinforcements, but this version uses a woven material to give a premium finish to the model.

zx500 weave 02

zx500 weave 03

zx500 weave 05

zx500 weave 09

ZX 700 Weave
Quantity: 5,000
Released: 1/01/07
This model was released in the summer of 1985, designed for the high mileage runner looking for extra support in the sole. The construction of the midsole reduces the risk of over pronation and supination, while the outsole provides good traction and shock absorption. The combination of different lacing systems gives an adjustable and personal fit. The use of a woven upper adds a new perspective to the model.

zx700 weave 02

zx700 weave 03

zx700 weave 09

ZX 800 Weave
Quantity: 3,000
Released: 1/01/07
Released in 1986, the ZX 800 represented the top level of athletic performance footwear.
With a reinforced outsole to reduce impact and encapsulated stabilizing pieces in the midsole, this shoe was designed for the serious runner. Reflective patches in the toe area make the shoe perfect for night running. The regular nylon upper has been upgraded with a premium woven material, adding durability and style.

zx800 weave 02

zx800 weave 03

zx800 weave 05

zx800 weave 09