Lemar + Dauley v2.0 Site Pre-Launch + FoshoFoshow

By - January 12th, 2007

Lemar + Dauley v2.0 Site Pre Launch + FoshoFoshow

Version 2.0 of http://lemaranddauley.com/” target=”_blank”>Lemar & Dauley site soon to come, for a teaser log-on and you’ll see images from their new Fall 2006 campaign. If you’re planning to hit Las Vegas next month during the time of All Star Game and http://show.magiconline.com/” target=”_blank”>Magic, also stopby http://foshofoshow.com” target=”_blank”>FoshoFoshow Tradeshow at the Alexis Park Resort. In this invite-only tradeshow, http://phenomenon.tv/” target=”_blank”>PHENOMENON, http://rocksmithtokyo.com/” target=”_blank”>Rocksmith, http://dcshoes.com/home.asp” target=”_blank”>DC Shoes, http://10deep.com/” target=”_blank”>10 Deep, http://completetechnique.com/” target=”_blank”>Complete Technique, http://hiqee.com/” target=”_blank”>Hiqee and http://kilointl.com/” target=”_blank”>Kilo Goods will be there also.

FoshoFoshow Tradeshow 2007: February 13 – 15 @ 10am-8pm

Alexis Park Resort
375 E Harmon
(Across from The Hard Rock Casino)
Las Vegas, NV 89109

http://lemaranddauley.com/” target=”_blank”>> Lemar & Dauley

http://foshofoshow.com” target=”_blank”>> FoshoFoshow Tradeshow

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Lemar + Dauley v2.0 Site Pre Launch + FoshoFoshow

Lemar + Dauley v2.0 Site Pre Launch + FoshoFoshow