Devilock Jackets @ eproze

By - January 16th, 2007

Devilock Jackets @ eproze

Updated on eproze, part of ZOZOTOWN network of online store are 2 new additions to Devilock‘s collection. One is the much talked about “10th Anniversary Jacket”, celebrating our friend’s 10-years as one of the top labels in Japan’s street wear culture.

The other is the “Stadium Jacket”, featuring 2 fearsome Hannya masks from Japanese Noh theater in the front and an outline of the island nation on the back. Sleeves on both jackets are made from genuine leather.

Also on eproze is Devilock‘s Spring 2007 product catalog. Check out what is to come in the next few months…

> Devilock (Japanese Only)
> eproze [ZOZOTOWN]

> Freshness Feature: Devilock

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Devilock Jackets @ eproze
Devilock – 10th Anniversary Jacket (Front)

Devilock – 10th Anniversary Jacket (Back)

Devilock – 10th Anniversary Jacket

Devilock – Stadium Jacket (Front)

Devilock – Stadium Jacket (Back)

Devilock – Stadium Jacket (Back)