New Balance – Super Team 33 – Detailed Photos

By - January 21st, 2007

New Balance   Super Team 33   Detailed Photos

January 20th marked the release New Balance trio sneakers – “Super Team 33” pack, in selected stores worldwide, with tropical fish inspired designs using high quality material for assembly.

Some people might already know the answer to this question, “what is Super Team 33 ?” Presently, there are 6 New Balance factories in the US, with the factory at Cohagen, Maine known to be the one with the best people around in shoe/sneaker manufacture (The factory at Cohagen was established in 1882). The name “Super Team 33” comes from the selected 28 employees and 5 veteran craftsman that contributed in the Cohagan factory and a special manufacturing line, No. 33, within the factory.

The M1400 model was picked as the base for this line because it holds great comfort. The M1400 model is an upgrade version of M1300, produced in late 1980’s. But due to technical reasons, they had to interrupt its production until the right time. The new model was finally released in 1994. Photos by AKI.

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New Balance   Super Team 33   Detailed Photos