Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution

By - February 5th, 2007

Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution

I know some of you guys are obsessed with keeping your sneakers clean. I get that way sometimes too, but have been a bit lazy on that end. Still there are certain pairs that I love to death so keeping them as clean as possible is most important. Yes, I’ve tried the toothbrush and soap solution and the Footlocker sneaker cleaner the FL employees seem to be overly excited about. I’ve been using the Mr Clean Magic Eraser but with all it’s magic I fear there maybe harmful chemicals that can ruin my favorite sneakers.

When Jason emailed about his new product, I didn’t know what to expect. A premium sneaker solution? The box just came in this weekend and the package just looks amazing. With Magic/All Star coming up, I may have to clean up a few favorite pairs to bring with me. Will test and let you guys know the results.

Here’s a little more on Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution:

Jason Markk P.S.S. is a gentle, foaming solution that effectively cleans and conditions, removing dirt and stains that inevitably occur during wear. This product is safe to use on all colors and materials. Leather, vinyl, rubber, canvas, cloth, nylon, suede�you name it, wherever it is safe to use water, it�s safe to use Jason Markk P.S.S. Use for everyday maintenance to keep your joints looking fresh!

> Inquries: jasonmarkk.com

More images of the dope package below…

Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution