Feburary Banner

By - February 15th, 2007

Feburary Banner

This month’s banner designed by Skewville.

Skewville was first exhibited in 1996 by Ad and Droo. At that time Ad was collecting unemployment from an advertising job that he asked to get fired from. Shortly after, Droo quit his full-time job and both deemed that “Day Jobs Are For Suckers”. With combined efforts of graphics and engineering, they have developed underground technologies that have funded their lifestyles since.


In the mid-80’s, they wrote on walls like most kids. By the early 90’s, they started witnessing the change of graffiti into street art. Posters, stickers and stencils cluttered every street corners in NYC. Media space was scarce and everything was done. In 1999, they Looked back at the end of an era and realized change was necessary. The need for a new media space gave birth to their sneaker mission. Dogs, Kicks, Grips, Sneaks or whatever you want to call them. As kids, they tossed out old sneakers (like everyone else) when they got new ones. It was a symbol of change and a way to represent the hood. Tossing once or twice a year for them just wasn’t enough. So July of that year, they started making Wooden Dogs to continue their childhood habit. Since then, thousands have been silk-screened, hand-cut, laced, tossed and documented, all for the quest to go all globe.

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