Roberto Cavalli x Toy2R – Qee Charity Auction

By - March 6th, 2007

Roberto Cavalli x Toy2R   Qee Charity Auction

First reported earlier this year, the very special Roberto Cavalli designed Qee is now on auction on eBay. Standing at 60-inches tall, this porcelain white Qee is wearing an one-of-the-kind wedding dress, created by famed Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. The auction will end on Thursday, March 15th, with the bidding starts at US$ 3,500. Proceeds from this charity auction will benefit TeleThon, an organization that supports the research for the cure of muscular dystrophies. The figurine is currently on the Toy Fashion Tour in Italy, will be deliever to the bid winner in September 2007 when the tour ends.

Event Date: March 5th (Monday) – March 15th (Thursday)


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