UT Report: UNIQLO 2007 Summer Tees – Part 2

By - June 15th, 2007

Photography: retrogurl

Stopped by the UNIQLO Soho Flagship Store yesterday and there were a load of new tees, if you haven’t visited I advise to go quick. There are a lot of tees but the popular ones fly off the racks in no time, everyone is stocking up for the Summer! I believe the tees range from XXS – XL, I get an XS from the men’s selection. Great tees for a good price, $15.50 for a good quality tee and nice print…def worth a trip! Stay tuned for more, as I will most likely be doing UT weekly reports!

546 Broadway | Map
New York, NY 10012

> UNIQLO Summer 2007 Tees

> UNIQLO T-Shirt (UT)

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