DC – King of L.A. Skate Competition

By - June 21st, 2007

DC   King of L.A. Skate Competition

After the huge success with King of New York contest in 2006, DC is looking for the next skateboard star in the City of Angels. Starting this Saturday, June 23rd, DC will host King of Los Angeles Skateboard Competition. At stake is more than bragging rights, but $10,000 worth of prize money. The competition is divided into 4 days over the period of 3 weeks and spread out all over the Greater Los Angeles Area to give skaters greater access. 50 entries per location, but 25 of those are open for any contestants that signed up the day of the competition. All participants must be amateur skateboarders and the one that accumulate the most points from the 4 locations will be crown King of L.A.!

For more details, please visit the link below.

First Site:
Lockwood Avenue Elementary School

4345 Lockwood Avenue | DC   King of L.A. Skate CompetitionMap
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Competition Date: June 23rd (Saturday) | 9 am

Second Site:
Bancroft Middle School

929 North Las Palmas Avenue | Map
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Competition Date: June 24th (Sunday) | 9 am

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