Freshness Review: Jason Markk Sneaker Solution

By - July 27th, 2007

Freshness Review: Jason Markk Sneaker Solution
Freshness Review: Jason Markk Sneaker Solution

The good people at Jason Markk sent over a few sets of the Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution a short while back. And I’ve been so busy the past few months, I haven’t really bothered to take care of my sneakers that much.

Two weeks back during the crazy down pour in NYC, I just happen to be out during the heaviest part of that rainy morning. I figured I’d wear my usual rain shoes, my Stash Air Force 1s. Disaster!! I just didn’t expect soo much rain to come down. Not only was I caught in the rain, there was flooding and gutter problems at a friends house that needed to be fixed. I didn’t have time to change my shoes nor did I have other shoes in my car. It was a sad day, my Stash Air Force 1 was probably going into the casket and never coming back out again. So I took out the Jason Markk Sneaker Solution to test, see the results below…

This is me in the rain with my ‘rain shoes’ on.

After being in the rain, fixing a flooding problem and climbing to the roof to put on gutter guards.

I left them wet…

The cleaning…

Looks ok… Still wet, but will they dry ok??

Although, I do have a back up, this is not the back up pair.
This was a happy day for me, the solution did an excellent job cleaning away the dirt build up on the nubuck.

Next time you walk around in your favorite pair of sneakers during a down pour, relax and know that there is a solution to save them after.

Big thanks to Jason Markk and crew for sending the kits over and actually saving my favorite pair of rain shoes.

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