Review: Nike Skateboarding Backpack

By - August 1st, 2007

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nike sb backpack 001

The Nike SB backpack is awesome from my week of using it, I’ve been waiting for more colors other than the black one we’ve seen a while back to release. This olive version is a little more appealing (to me at least), though the black one is just as dope. The outer shell is well made with nice details through out the whole bag. The interior of the bag is full of surprises waiting for its owner to explore and use.

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nike sb backpack 002
Love the padded straps and spine area for better breathability. The waist strap is lacking but who really uses it anyway? I would have preferred to not even have it to keep the bag slightly cleaner.

nike sb backpack 003
Both sides of the bag feature an inner mesh pocket for water bottles and wet umbrellas.

nike sb backpack 010
One of the two side outer zippered pockets is lined with an ultra soft fur like material to keep your naked iPhone safe, the other is unlined. Also like the back pocket for stashing away stuff.

nike sb backpack 004
I’ve never used this feature but just for show. I would prefer the inner parts of the skateboard straps to be rubber, the elephant print material wouldn’t last very long with the griptape rubbing against it.

nike sb backpack 005
Another dope feature, the bottom is lined with a rubber like elephant print material.

nike sb backpack 006

nike sb backpack 007
Top and bottom skateboard straps. Nice details but the inner parts uses the same material so griptape will rip it up pretty quickly.

nike sb backpack 008
This is the entire reason to own one, other than the fact that it’s a dope bag. The laptop pocket is dope, a lining suspends your laptop in the air so it wont hit the floor.

nike sb backpack 011

nike sb backpack 009

More nice pockets for cameras, phones, keys, coins and all you other small things. The larger chamber is big enough to hold a Size 12 or 13 Nike SB shoe box.

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I've heard it's not that great for books , how many A4 (1 inch thick) books could you fit in the main compartment?