Freshness Exclusive: Nike x Transformers Pack

By - August 7th, 2007

We’ve been teased with the Nike x Transformers Air Trainer III for the past few months and even when the Transformer Movie came out, still no word. Here’s the official word, Nike is releasing the Air Trainer III along with an Air Max 90 Boot and the Air Trainer Huarache as the Transformers Pack this Thursday August, 9th. We do know that the Air Trainer III’s colors are based off Optimus Prime. For the Air Max 90 Boot and the Air Trainer Huarache, we are taking a guess on who the colors are based off. Based some research and our residential Transformers expert Shu, we believe the Air Trainer Huarache is based off Galvatron (Megatron). As for the Air Max 90 Boot, we are also guessing, the closes character so far is StarScream.

Enough with the guessing, go straight to the photos below…

> Transformers (Hasbro)
> Transformers (Movie)

Nike Air Trainer III – Transformers Pack – Optimus Prime

Nike Air Max 90 Boot – Transformers Pack – StarScream (name unconfirmed)

Nike Air Trainer Huarache – Transformer Pack – Galvatron/Megatron (name unconfirmed)