Freshness Feature: Staple Design 10th – The Party

By - August 8th, 2007

Photos and Produced by Poe

It all started with a simple, self-printed t-shirt, a mindful of ideas, a sense of drive, and a chance encounter with the opportunity of a lifetime. After 10 years worth of sweats, tears, and a few droplets of blood, Jeff Staple and the dedicated members of his team have finally made “it”. To mark this gala occasion, Staple Design hosted a grand event last Thursday evening, August 2nd, at the new event location, The Xchange, here in New York City.

Part birthday bash, part “thank you” occasion for the numerous supporters and friends, planning of the event was months in the making. The preparation commenced early that afternoon as crew members put up custom-made wall coverings. Special panels were created to highlight all 25 participants of the Staple Design 10th Anniversary Collaboration, each with its description and creation, adorned throughout the event space. Meanwhile, projection units juxtaposed Staple’s logos against night time skyline of Manhattan on the rooftop deck.

The evening kicked off with Bobbito Garcia, front and centered, at the turntable. DJ Soul joined in at the second half with the event ended on a high note – a special live performance by Lupe Fiasco and his frontman Bishop.

Congratulation & a happy 10th to Jeff and company!

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