Sir Charles [Godzilla] Lives! Nike Air CB 34 Retro

By - August 8th, 2007

Sir Charles is making a come back, Nike is resurrecting Sir Charles in a few ways. The Air CB 34 is making its way to stores now and a whole line up of Air Force 1s inspired by the Barkley legacy will also be dropping in the upcoming months. Thanks to for the incredible photography once again! Hey Nike, retro the comic book too!

> Cop it @ Marquee Sole: Nike Air CB 34 Retro

> eBay – Find it & Cop it: Nike Air CB 34 Retro

More photos below…


I remember having a pair of these..bought it from a friend..he didn't knew bout the outsole saying 'sir charles'.only after he sold it to me that he realize it was actualy words not just a weird outsole..hehe..dat was in 1998/99 i think