Day 2 PROJECT: Friendly CEOs + Reggae Royalty

By - August 29th, 2007

Day 2 PROJECT: Friendly CEOs + Reggae Royalty

Project is pretty nice and relaxed. Project as always is a well laid out show with nice details, carpets and well designed pre-fab booths. Where at Magic, big companies can build mansion like booths, Project booths can be wide but not high. I did enjoy that aspect of it. We also met some interesting new friends, see below…

Peep a small day 2 @ Project recap below…

Day 2 PROJECT: Friendly CEOs + Reggae Royalty

We thought we had to sneak into the Asus VIP Lounge but turns out we had access as press. Nice presentation of the Asus brand of Laptops! We stopped by for some free breakfast.

The door keepers.

The first people we ran into were old friends from NYC, the very popular Jeff Ng and Matt who was a manager at Nort/Recon several years back. Matt is back in NYC after a few years in Japan and San Diego.

At the Staple booth we ran into Hommyo who runs Chapter World, he showed us his new UBIQ joints, pretty fresh.

We doped by to meet Ann from 55DSL who shows us some cool pieces upcoming and just to say hello. Look out for a cool project from 55DSL and Freshness in the upcoming months, none product related.

Waiting for lunch, we saw these Air Max 95 Boots, pretty interesting…

I was “wowed” meeting this very friendly group from WeSC! From the left, that’s Frank Remme who was recently hired to lead the design team; next to him is Greger Hagelin the Co-Founder and CEO, of WeSC that is; Rickard Josephson, the Production and Design Manager who also just happened to rock the super hot WeSC button down; and finally, Thomas Flinn the Product Manager of WeSC. Nice meeting you all, hope to meet again in the future. And a big shout to Jessie Cohen too for meeting and greeting us!!

Bumped into Matt from Nice Kicks and Chef of Gourmet Kickz outside the Greedy Genius booth.

The Greedy Genius and Yoropiko booths were insane with the amount of people passing thru but we snuck in for a quick preview…

And finally a meeting with reggae royalty, Mrs. Patricia Chin, that’s the “P” in VP Records, the “V” would be Victor her husband. Next to her is grand daughter Stephanie. The elder Mrs. Chin is also the founder of the new line Riddim Driven, and Stephanie is the Marketing Director.