Vegas Day 3 – Adam + David + Kevin + Sky + YMW

By - August 31st, 2007

Vegas Day 3   Adam + David + Kevin + Sky + YMW
Polaroids from Foshofoshow

Day 3 (Wednesday) was an interesting day, it was all about these five names, and Ricky Kim was there in spirit (he lost his wallet the night before). Most of you can tell what the names are by association. Just for reference, Adam – SlamxHype, David – High Snobiety, Kevin – Hypebeast, Sky – Riottt, and Yu-Ming – Freshness. We all got together to have a secret lunch to talk about a secret project we’ll call “Pink Taco” (just take a guess) for now. WATCH OUT we are going to take over the Pink Taco business! After the lunch we roll thru Foshofoshow and United real quick.

Peep the recap of Vegas Day 3 below…

Vegas Day 3   Adam + David + Kevin + Sky + YMW
Adam and Sky

Kevin and David

Pink Tacos here we come…

Here’s Iggy, SWAGGER’s co-founder chilling at Foshofoshow

Kevin and Steve (one part of St Fleur brothers)

Kevin and myself

Entrance to United

Moving from room to room at United

Had a quick catch up with Jason and M DOT of JB Classics

They were housed inside the Lab of Wonders tent

Bumped into a new friend who designs bags for the military. HOT BAG!

This was from Day 3 night time at the Complex party. I can’t show any more than this picture but it was a good time… DJ Clark Kent definitely killed it…