PROJECT – Clae Footwear – Garvey, Langston…

By - September 5th, 2007

After 3 years of hiatus, footwear maker Clae is re-launching its line-up once again. The label’s creative director, Sung Choi, was one of the partners that created the label PNB Nation (now owned by Perry Ellis Group) and instrumental in shaping the look of urban lifestyle, long before the term “street wear” was coined. He also worked on footwears by Lakai and ECKO Unltd. the past few years just before the re-launching of Clae.

Clae footwears are known to be minimalistic in design. Instead, a theme on materials, supple premium leather, nubuck, and canvas are used. Creating a signature style that is quite noticeable. With a focus to boutiques that cater to a selective client ¨les, Clae is currently only available at stores such as UNDFTD and Reed Space.

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