Las Vegas Showcase – N4E1 (Not For Every One)

By - September 7th, 2007

Las Vegas Showcase   N4E1 (Not For Every One)

N4E1, as told by the label’s founder Stephen Lee, is based on a simple concept – to cater to the few discerning consumers, who want to create their own look rather than following the trend. Therefore, you will find N4El clothing quite unique comparing to others, with certain attributes such as:

– All N4E1 t-shirts are composed of 240-gram cotton fabric, rather than the industry standard and thinner 180-gram. This permit the customer to wear the t-shirts in cooler climate.

– For the label’s signature metallic prints, special formula was created which consists of a higher ratio of metallic particles to ink. Stephen also insisted on adding metallic particles of the same color, in coordination, to the color of the ink. By doing all this, the N4E1 metallic prints are richer in color and actually protrude on the surface of the clothing.

– N4E1 crystallized hoodie consists of over 400 crystals and made from 300-gram cotton fabric. To top it off, it is lined with a seamless poly-silk lining on the inside.

Though just established a few months ago, because the quality and intricacies the label put into its collection, N4E1 has become a favorite among celebrities from Hong Kong and Taiwan. The label just expand its retail locations in North America this season. Be sure to check the boutiques near you as the Autumn/Winter line drops on October 15th.

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Las Vegas Showcase   N4E1 (Not For Every One)