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By - September 19th, 2007

PAM Africa Islam lo
PAM African Islam

COLAB provides a platform for young art gods to create a fashion range of eyewear that is accessible to those who appreciate design ingenuity. And appreciate it they must. With styles limited to 1000 pairs around the world, and only sold in the most directional of stores (including Colette in Paris and Erostika in Japan), COLAB brings the world’s best artists and designers to the people. COLAB is now introduced to the US and the range is stocked at Bodega (Boston), Bespoke (Florida), OurFlyLives (Florida), Revolve (California), RVCA (San Fran), Scoop (NYC) and Wealthy Hostage (Brooklyn).

Each season COLAB conspires with the guest professors of artistic endeavour in order to create a completely unique range that comes directly from the cerebrum of each of the collaborators. Applying their designs to the COLAB blank canvases, a range of 25 exceptional and unique eyewear styles are born. COLAB’S first collection was launched in January 2007 at Bread and Butter in Barcelona and included the collaborations of Perks & Mini (Australia), Geoff McFetridge (US), Eboy (Germany), Rockin* Jellybean (Japan), Neasden Control Centre (UK).


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PAM damage lo
PAM Damage

EBOY dreckig lo
EBOY Dreckig

EBOY incandesentloverboy lo
EBOY Incandesent Loverboy

GeoffMcFetridge CEO lo
Geoff McFetridge CEO

NeasdenControl mincespy lo
Neasden Control Mince Spy

NeasdenControl the%20duke lo
Neasden Control The Duke