Stussy Deluxe – Available Online

By - September 22nd, 2007

Stussy Deluxe   Available Online
Following the footstep of many Japanese streetwear labels, Stussy announced the addition of the new Deluxe collection recently. The collection comprised of wide range of clothing, including jackets and accessories for the Autumn season. Utilizing premium fabrics, detailed craftsmanship on classic silhouettes. Meant for different and wider set of customer base, you will not find loud graphics or bold colorway. The quality of the clothing itself will let people know. Currently available at very selected boutiques and now, Stussy Direct, the label’s official online store.

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Stussy Deluxe   Available Online
Stussy Deluxe x New Era – Check Cotton Twill Cap

Stussy Deluxe – Dress Jacket

Stussy Deluxe – Military Jacket

Stussy Deluxe – Pencil 5 Pockets Pants