Interview with Set Free of Robot is the Future

By - October 19th, 2007

Interview with Set Free of Robot is the FutureInterview with Set Free of Robot is the Future

For many years, Robot tees, sweats and hoodies were hard to come by. The very first Robot piece was a sweatshirt with the word “ROBOT” blazoned across the chest and were given to the crew of CNN video. And so it began, slowly Robot apparel made into the hands of people who were down with the Robot crew, the Robot Films crew that is including Fat Joe, Lupe, Pharrell, Common and a number of others. Robot Films CEO and main director and ‘Set Free’ are the founders of Robot is the Future and is launching the brand in their 10th anniversary since their first Robot crew neck back in the Winter of 1997. We caught up with Set Free to chat about the new brand and Robot’s future.

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Interview with Set Free of Robot is the Future
By: Thomas Bradley

Should we consider “Robot Is The Future” to be a dimension of ROBOT Films or an entirely new project?
Yes its all under the ROBOT umbrella but robot is the future is its own thing.

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What was the spark of inspiration for project?

The inspiration came from doing our own shirts as a team placing it on our squad then a lot of people was asking about the brand then we placed it on TI in the what you know about this video then we started getting a lot of request then ROBOT IS THE FUTURE was born.

Where do you see the ROBOT within the growing context of lifestyle or streetwear brands?
We feel that we are going to be one of the elite of streetwear brands where people are going to stand behind the brand. The robot brand is a lifestyle not just a clothing company we are a movement.

What is the immediate goal of the ROBOT Is The Future project?
Success. That is #1 we are creating our collection and making sure our product is quality and stay toward the future with our brand.

Are there any streetwear brands that you look to as the “model” in terms of their successes creatively and financially?
LRG, Crooks & Castles and of course the father of all this ECKO

Will ROBOT be opening a store or launching an website for buyers to purchas the goods or will it just be select boutiques that carry the line?
Right now you can go to ROBOT IS THE and of course a store will be in the near future. We are defiantly gearing up to have the product in UNION, LA BODEGA, COMMONWEALTH.

Is there anyone you’d like to work with creatively in the coming year?
Yes of course but we have some things brewing up under the ROBOTS armor so look to the future for colabs

What type of product will we be seeing from ROBOT in the coming year?
You will be seeing of course t-shirts, New era hats, and a colab with adidas on a sneaker and hoodies, and crews and a couple of accessories