Store Review: All of the Above – Melbourne

By - October 30th, 2007

Store Review: All of the Above   Melbourne

The city of Melbourne never ceases to please the consumers with the array of select stores, especially related to street culture. A shop which is fairly new on the scene but definitely making noise is All of the Above. The store is divided into retail/gallery space at the front with studio space at the back. Their range of stock is nothing but usual and includes interesting picks from around the globe. Read further to get a better understanding of the concept behind the store.

All of the Above
G/F 109 Victoria Street
Fitzroy, Melbourne 3065
TEL #: +61 3 8415 0461

> All of the Above

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All of the Above derived from a philosophy of collaboration by six creative individuals with their various skills. A mixture of retail space, gallery, fashion house, design studio and screen printing studio was squeezed into one huge open plan store. There are no visible walls separating each section and each aspect blends well seamlessly for a pleasant experience.

Store Review: All of the Above   Melbourne

“We all just wanted a place to rest our laptops, pens, squeegees; what we ended up with is a spot to come and be inspired”

Currently they are exclusive stockists of Soulland (street wear from Copenhagen), Twelve Bar, Copy (grown man’s street wear from Cali), AIAIAI (swirl headphones), Victoria Shoes (for the ladies) and Above (in house label) in Australia. Also they stock Rockwell, ImperialUndr Crwn, Com Raid and Official Crown of Laurel. Their stock is ever expanding and who knows what they will be stocking next.