APPLEBUM x Nature Sounds T-shirt

By - November 4th, 2007

APPLEBUM x Nature Sounds T shirt

Using the cut outs edges of memory, records, and experience of the era as the sampling source, adding new essence and arrangements, taking the process of resolving and restructuring, and born form evolution and blending, the original style “D.ORIGINAL.” APPLEBUM creates and proposes this style and is attracting attention.

APPLEBUM released collaboration T-shirt with Nature Sounds, which puts its base in NY.

On the front side, oak tree, the label mark of Nature Sounds, and a boom set is printed in deep purple and underneath it, APPLEBUM logo is stitched.

On the back side, splendid contracted artist names such as HAVOC (MOBBDEEP), PETE ROCK, J DILLA, SHOWBIZ&AG, SLUM VILLAGE, and etc. are printed.
Nature Sounds logo is printed on the sleeves.Text by m.k.,Photos by Aki


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APPLEBUM x Nature Sounds T shirt