Nike 706 Presents: Force of Love – Phase II

By - November 25th, 2007

Nike 706 Presents: Force of Love   Phase II

Nike 706 Presents: Force of Love – Chinese Artworks Inspired by AF1

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the iconic AF1, Nike is proud to present “Force of Love’ at Nike 706 in Beijing – an extravaganza of art, music, film, and photography all inspired by the almighty AF1.

The Force of Love party launched an extraordinary two phase exhibition at Nike 706. The first phase (Oct. 13 Nov. 17) displayed global expressions of AF1 that is now being followed by a groundbreaking exhibition of 9 local Chinese artists (Nov. 24 Dec. 17), from the worlds of art, design and photography some are leaders in the field while others are emerging new artists to watch out for. These local artists have chosen their own way to demonstrate their connection to AF1 and provide us with a glimpse into an emerging Chinese street style.

Nike 706
798 Factory, No. 2 Jiu Xian Quao Road
Beijing, China

Exhibition Date: November 25th (Sunday) – December 17th (Monday) | 10 am – 6 pm

> Nike 706

> Nike Air Force 1

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Nike 706 Presents: Force of Love   Phase II

Title: INVINCIBLE Flaming Chariot
Artist: GAO Yu (Artist)
The panda is a representative and symbolic image in Gao Yu’s work. By combining Panda and “Nacha”, the hero of a classic Chinese fable, Gao Yu creates a new character – “Panda Nacha” in his work. It stands for speed and force, but also symbolizes the rebellion between the youths’ will and the dogmatic and rigid thoughts that are pervasive in the culture. Many elements of AIR FORCE 1 were used in the Flaming Chariot design. All the colors of Flaming Chariot originate from AIR FORCE 1. AIR FORCE 1 is Flaming Chariot, Flaming Chariot is AIR FORCE 1.

Title: Life, Force
Artist: Tom Shi (Product Designer)
AIR FORCE 1 is more than a pair of shoes to many people. Trying hard to present the deep influence that AIR FORCE 1 brings, Shi continues the concept of Tree House, which he first exhibited in the 2007 Get It Louder exhibition. The branch is white, clear and tensive, the same as what is evoked by AIR FORCE 1: purity and innovation. A pair of AIR FORCE 1 shoes is hung upon the main body of the tree with a basketball to stress the civilizing phenomenon of AF1 arises from the sport culture of basketball, becoming an important source of power in people’s lives. At the same time, the works is much like a dreamed shoe rack for AIR FORCE 1 enthusiasts. One can decorate it as one does a Christmas tree, placing shoe boxes wherever you want, to decide how exuberant the tree will be.

Title: Looking for Love in the Universe
Artist: Perk (Photographers)
Human beings have never stopped exploring the nature of the universe and have never stopped their material and mental pursuits. With bulb glasses and false beard, the people who make themselves as buffoons wandering the universe, are they still looking for love? The artwork embodies the positive wishes towards AIR FORCE 1 and towards love. It continues in the style of Perk: cartoonish, colorful and hallucinatory.

Title: MAZYFORCE Muscle Recovering Program
Artist: UNMASK (Artist, Sculptors)
14 May, 2082, the independent archaeological group, Unmask Expedition, discovered a collection of ape fossils known as MAZYFORCE which were of great research significance, found 200 km from northeast Zhoukoudian. The discovery upset the old views on the known evolution of human beings. In later months, Unmask didn’t stop their research on MAZYFORCE. Plastic experts gathered in Beijing and assisted Unmask on recovering the muscle from the bone fossils. On day X, month X, the first model of the muscles were successfully finished and the musculature of foot came into being. What was truly amazing was that the ankle and instep were covered by a few groups of substantial transverse musculature; wholly contradicting the theory of the physical universe. It was inferred by some experts that if there was a piece of muscle on the foot, then modern human beings could jump higher than was ever thought possible. However, the conclusion needs further proof.

Title: The Other Shore
Artist: LIANG Yuanwei (Artist, Designer)

The other shore —
the clouds are decorated with dreams,
the rays of light folded in hopes,
the destination should be reached by foot.

The artist uses a mold as big as an AIR FORCE 1 shoe with silica gel and translucent materials, and installs an ultrasonic mist inside. When the model shoe is infused with cool water and switched on, the installation will change color and emit mist from the top. Everybody that loves AIR FORCE 1 has their own dreams, rays of light, and hopes to realize their dreams. They will reach their destination by foot.

Title: Untitled
Artist: CHEN Man, YANG Dawei (Photographer)
Three groups of three photos, depicting a tattooed woman, a nature scene and AIR FORCE 1. The photographer wants to show the power of peace by shooting a cool tattooed girl in a peaceful state. The peaceful nature scene shows the generosity that originates from nature. Force and Love, force and the spirit of AIR FORCE 1, they link together and form a new internal relationship.

Title: Untitled
Artist: GUANG Yu(Designer, Artist)
Padded cloth shoes are a type of traditional shoe in China. Most people who were born in the 70’s and early 80’s (or before) have worn them at some point in time. Grandmas and mothers in each family can still make them, every stitch made with their love and care. To this day there is a famous handcrafted cloth shoe store Neiliansheng in Beijing. By combining the Chinese traditional shoes and Air Force 1, this piece not only demonstrates a typical Chinese element, but also expresses the theme of love, and the love towards AIR FORCE 1 from generation to generation.

Title: Transmission
Artist: WEI Xingyu
The Monkey King and Daffy Duck are cultural symbols of the eastern and western world. Sincere communication between the two worlds is done by way of exchanging hearts in the Game of Death, symbolizing multi-cultural integration favored by AIR FORCE 1.

Title: Air Force Love
Artist: WANG Hui (Architect)
Gold and white mixed stainless steel was made into a pair of wings, installed on each side of the shoe. The wings are covered with white feathers, with the edge decorated in golden steel. The shape of the wings is also the shape of the swoosh. Observers stand between the wings which light up for flight. The airplane is the symbol of force and speed. The winged AIR FORCE 1 is more powerful, while the wing stands for love of angels, and the love for AIR FORCE 1.