WK Interact @ Espeis Archetype Gallery – Opening

By - December 2nd, 2007

WK Interact @ Espeis Archetype Gallery   Opening

Espeis Archetype Gallery Presents: WK Interact – The Trail

Friday evening marked the start of WK’s latest exhibition, currently on display at Espeis Archetype Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Friends, families, and fans of WK all stopped by to see this elaborate installation, including the centerpiece titled “The Trail” – a full mock-up of an imaginary motorcycle crash which started off with painted skid marks outside of the gallery, an actual crashed motorcycle, and a broken mannequin (WK’s alter ego) equipped with his actual own gears. The impact of the crash set everything in motion and urged the audience, in this case eyewitness, to follow the progression of that initial event deep within the exhibition. It is certainly an exhibition you do not want to miss.

Espeis Archetype Gallery
90 Wythe Avenue | WK Interact @ Espeis Archetype Gallery   OpeningMap
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Exhibition Date: November 30th (Friday) – January 13th (Sunday)


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