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By - December 3rd, 2007

purchaze   Nike Windrunner Asahi

Originally designed by Geoff Hollister, a student at http://uoregon.edu/” target=”_blank”>University of Oregon, who also ran under track coach Bill Bowerman, the late Nike co-founder. The Nike Windrunner incorporated 2 different synthetic fabrics: one laminated with water-repellent polyurethane and the other lined with mesh vents, to the upper and lower portions of the jacket. To give the appearance of speed, Hollister angled the seams where the 2 fabrics conjoined to 26°. The chevron design has been synonymous with Nike apparel ever since.

Recently, Nike re-issue several original and alternate version of this classic outerwear, including this Windrunner Asahi. With a distinctive offset chevron and bright colorways, the Windrunner Asahi is also a splittable jacket, which mean you can mix-and-match with other splittable version, such as the Experimental Jetset and Kam Tang collaborations. Available currently at selected retailers, including http://purchaze.com/” target=”_blank”>purchaze in Aurich, Germany.

Lilienstra Ÿe 8 | purchaze   Nike Windrunner Asahihttp://maps.google.com/maps?client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&oe=utf-8&q=Lilienstr.+8+26603+Aurich+Germany&ll=53.475379,7.481689&spn=0.049551,0.11673&z=13&iwloc=addr&om=1″ target=”_blank”>Map (German Only)
26603 Aurich, Germany
TEL #: +49-49-4169-79830

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