For The Homies – T Shirt

By - January 7th, 2008” title=”freshness-for-the-homies.jpg”>For The Homies   T Shirt

For The Homies are always taking a different angle on the street game and their latest Ts flip it on none other than Jay Z and Vanilla Ice. Freshly printed for those who have thug love for Jay Z or was a closet fan of the Iceman in his golden era. Available at selected stores around the globe and at Yes Diggity for your online needs.

Also For The Homies will soon be dropping an all black, single speed road bike in limited quantities, perfect for beginners wanting to step up to fixed gear at a later stage. Stay tuned for more information.

> For The Homies 

Detail pics after the jump…” title=”freshness-jay_z_black.jpg”>For The Homies   T Shirt
‘Sailor Jay’ front print” title=”freshness-jay_z_black_large.jpg”>For The Homies   T Shirt
‘Sailor Jay’ back print” title=”freshness-vanilla_ice_white.jpg”>For The Homies   T Shirt
‘Ice’ front print” title=”freshness-vanilla_ice.jpg”>For The Homies   T Shirt
‘Ice’ back print