By - January 15th, 2008

freshness cover dsc6500 gramSE 

Sweden has been a birth place to many well designed products and gram is no exception. It is a footwear company based in Sweden and they are growing rapidly. gram has produced a very limited footwear line called gramSE which uses two main tones, black and white.

This boot like footwear has so many features it can’t all be listed here but few to note are interchangeable outsoles (with extra spare sole), EVA all over cushioning insole, quick dry mesh lining and my favourite yellow ‘fresh seal’ stripe printed on the outsole that will rub off after some wear. Each pair is boxed in a special package with a hand written serial number. These will be available early 2008 at selected outlets around the globe. 

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freshness gramse mw0296 gramSE

freshness dsc6519 gramSE
White version

freshness dsc6500 gramSE
Black version

freshness dsc6554 gramSE
Outsole with yellow ‘fresh seal’ stripe

freshness dsc6592 gramSE
Lace lock

freshness gramse m0065 gramSE