Freshness Feature: Tabatha of Married to the MOB

By - January 28th, 2008

Freshness Feature: Tabatha of Married to the MOB

Freshness Feature: Tabatha of Married to the MOB

Interview by: Thomas Bradley
Photography by: Tabatha McGurr/MTTM

Tabatha McGurr, more affectionately known as “Tab”, is the young voice of market-leading women’s streetwear brand, Married to the Mob. She has quickly established herself as one of the most vibrantly honest personalities within the community. With a family heritage so heavily laden with creative tendencies, Tabatha ceases to disappoint as she demonstrates her deftness with the written word almost daily on her internet platform, In this interview Tab discusses what its been like growing up in such an artistically rich family, where she figures into the MTTM equation, the current state of N.Y.C. and there’s even mention of her dog, Coco…

> Married to the Mob

Describe what its been like growing up with parents who are as creative and intelligent as the two you’ve got?

Well it’s certainly not the kind of thing you describe like an outfit. I can go ahead and say that its “awesome” and they “opened my eyes to all sorts of cool shit” but that’s boring and obvious. The fact that they are both from very different backgrounds is a really important factor in explaining how I was raised. One half of me is an empowered French woman, and the other is a peculiar and very intelligent New Yorker. They weren’t and aren’t the kind of parents that sugar coat everything. Not like those moms you see in the subway going “You see that man Billy? That’s a homeless person, don’t talk to him.” There’s a video of us in ’94 (I was born in ’90) or something, where a woman is asking me what my favorite movie is, and I can’t remember the title but I named the characters, “Alex, Georgie, Pete, and Dim”.

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Is there any pressure to succeed in the arts or in any venue since they’ve become so prolific?

Not at all. I’m not a painter, I’m a writer. It’s a whole different kind of art.

Describe your household and your relationship with your brother.

My folks have been separated for a few years now, and my brother Timothy lives in TriBeCa, so it’s just my Mom, my dog Coco, and myself. Before we grew up and went our separate ways though, we were pretty normal. Family vacations, dinner time in the living room, hockey practice. I’m sure when people think of the McGurrs they imagine the opposite of what’s considered normal family values, and while we’re no Huxtables we’re really not that different. However, it was pretty impossible trying to explain to my friends all throughout elementary school and junior high what that odd leafy smell was that was soaked up every inch of the house. Back to Timmy, I really love him, now more then ever. When we lived together we were so typical, fighting over stupid shit, him hitting me and me calling my mom. I’d always want to hang with him and his friends since he’s older and he’d have me do shit like lick plates of Tabasco sauce for entry, then deny me. Now we’re homies, he’s the best. But he’s always fucking late!


Thus far, you’ve been expressing yourself via: the written word. Do you foresee a move to any other media or do you think you have found your artistic niche so to speak?

Writing is it for me. It’s amazing to be able to draw a really nice picture, but if you can do the same thing with words in somebody’s mind, then you’ve got skills. It’s the simplest thing you could do, yet it’s really hard.

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