uniform experiment | SOPHNET. | F.C.R.B. – 2008

By - January 31st, 2008

uniform experiment | SOPHNET. | F.C.R.B.   2008

Mark February 2nd and 9th on your calendar as http://soph.net/main/index2.html” target=”_blank”>SOPHNET. is rolling out its latest collection for the new year. The roll-out including this season’s addition to the SOPHNET. and F.C.R.B. labels, as well as the much anticipated http://uniformexperiment.jp/” target=”_blank”>uniform experiment, the new collaborative label with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design. Both SOPHNET. and uniform experiment will roll-out on February 2nd, while http://fcrb.net/” target=”_blank”>F.C.R.B. will preview on February 9th.

http://blog.honeyee.com/hk/” target=”_blank”>> Hirofumi Kiyonaga’s Blog [Honeyee.com]

http://soph.net/main/index2.html” target=”_blank”>> SOPHNET.
http://uniformexperiment.jp/” target=”_blank”> > uniform experiment
http://fcrb.net/” target=”_blank”> > F.C.Real Bristol