Magic Day 1 Part 2 – Green Label Art + More…

By - February 13th, 2008

Magic Day 1 Part 2   Green Label Art + More...

The rest of the afternoon was a little more laid back, the Green Label Art lounge had blogger refresher stations with mobile charges, iMacs with memory card readers for instant blogging.

Read the rest of day 1 below…Magic Day 1 Part 2   Green Label Art + More...

Got this dope Green Label Art self printing t-shirt set from Hawaii Mike and his lovely wife running the show at the GLA lounge. This first edition is by Chuck Anderson.


Haze is at the GLA lounge from 2pm to 4pm tomorrow so stop by to get your can signed!



If you need to blog, stop by the Green Label Art booth. Wendy/nitro:licious, Sneaker News blogged there, and Nat was there blogging for Green Label Art. Thanks!

Met Neek Supreme at the Hypebeast booth…

Jay with this BKRW jacket and camera, we were just geeking out on blogging each other.

Dropped by the Camp Beverly Hills booth

The Twins were chilling there as well…

We’ll end day one with this sandy display at In4mation… It just seems relaxing.