Freshness Feature: Interview with Phu

By - March 11th, 2008

Freshness Feature: Interview with Phu

Freshness Feature: Interview with Phu

The name PhuEk! or Phu! in short is a self-created lingo. Entirely imaginative and not based upon adherence to actuality. 3D art is his pursuit, especially in vinyl customizing. Phu!’s Phuturistic concept is a manifestation through his artistic form of thought and personalized treatment in which he exercises the habit of recycling. And it’s with this Phuturistic niche, Phu!’s customed vinyls have been commissioned and showcased in various international exhibitions and shows worldwide.

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Please introduce yourself

I’m Phu!, a toy customiser from Singapore. I received my formal education in Visual Communication at a local Art college for three years. Although I was also trained in other area such as painting, toy customising is my niche. And I have a day job as a Creative Director in a publishing firm.

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How did you get started on toy customizing?

I’m always into 3-D stuff for its sense of visual and tangibility. Toy-custom is one of such. I personally see toy-custom as a form of sculpture. Though some people may detest this, I feel that we the customisers also do adhere to basic elements of art or design when embarking on our work; just like the sculptors. Basically I enjoy putting things of different elements together to form a
composition. These elements may contradict each other thus challenge my creativity. So when a friend passed a blank toy vinyl about three years ago, it kinda steered my interest further in pursuing toy customizing.

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